About Us

Mayor Gavin Buckley got his Transition Team going shortly after he was elected.

We prepared by gathering information on how previous TTs had functioned.  The most prominent finding was, despite hard work by talented teams and impressive reports, the reports were generally ignored.  We are seeking to avoid that pitfall by creating more focused teams, setting specific goals, being as inclusive as possible in our information-gathering and presenting our end product in a dynamic way.

We wanted to insure that aldermen, members of boards/commissions, staff, and the general public were all involved.  This website is a part of that effort.  You can send us your comments and we will insure that they are included in the final presentation.  We created a survey for the City staff to allow them to communicate anonymously with us also.  Mayor Buckley’s campaign had made a point of involving youth so we wanted to be sure and include these future leaders in our work.

Team leaders were provided with information on people who expressed an interest on serving on a team but decisions about who to include as a member or a contributor were entirely their own.  Each team will identify four goals that can be accomplished in a year and four goals for the next four years.  In addition, there is a “Do It Now” list of items that are immediately actionable and so obvious as to need no explanation or justification.

City Liaison: William Rowel, Public Engagement & Community Relations Director  (wfrowel@annapolis.gov)

“That simple light may rise out of complicated darkness”