Staff Survey

For the first time, the Transition Team reached out to the City staff with an informal (i.e. non-scientific) survey of their thoughts on their workplace, other Departments and recommendations on how to make things better.  Although Tricia Hopkins in Human Resources helped facilitate this effort, precautions were taken to assure the staff that no one but Transition Team members would see the completed questionnaires (which could be filled out in hard copy or via Survey Monkey).
Annapolis has 764 employee records active on their payroll books; 201 of those are part-time or seasonal.  Over 100 employees took the time to fill out the survey which suggests the city employees care deeply about our city and it’s services.

To see a copy of the questions asked in the survey, click here.
Report: To read a summary of what the survey found, click here and the report will open in a new window.

Team Leader: Leah Weiss
Members: Emily Langston
Advisors: Lisa Grieco, Marcia Patrick