Leisure & Learning

One of the focuses of the Leisure & Learning team is the City’s parks, trails, Community, Senior and Recreation centers.  To ascertain how they are meeting the needs of the community and any ways they could be improved, they did a citizen survey. The survey closed on March 19th.   The results are summarized in the Leisure & Learning report.

Report: To read the full report, click here and it will open in a new window.

Team Leader: Jessica Pachler
Victoria Barstow, Stephanie Beardmore, Alice Johnson Cain,  Ava DeBovis, Isabelle Fadullon, Shalom Fadullon, Bumper Moyer, Ellen Moyer, Diana Muller (ENV), Lisa Rodvien, Erin Snell, Lorie Stout, Dave van den Arend, Betka Yates
Advisor: Rhonda Pindell Charles