Money, Money, Money

This team started working right after the inauguration and completed their report early in February.   They are assessing all aspects of the City’s financial transactions and processes, in some cases going back five years.  To do this, they interviewed many people who have been involved in the City’s finances.  This report is being released ahead of the other reports as it has been requested by some of the financial committees of the City.  As it has been given to them, we wished to share it with the public at the same time. 

Report: To read the full report, click here and it will open in a new window.
The City shared a response with the Transition Team and it can be viewed here.

Team Leader: Teresa Sutherland
Members: Rich Melnick, Dan Nees
Mayor Gavin Buckley
Alderperson Sheila Finlayson
Alderperson Ross Arnett
Former Alderperson Jared Littman
Former Alderperson Ian Pfeiffer
Tom Andrews, City Manager
Bruce Miller, Director of Finance
Melissa Leaman, Assistant Director of Finance
Brian Snyder, Procurement Officer
Mary O’Brien, Risk Analyst
Pete Gutwald, Director of Planning and Zoning
Sally Nash, Chief of Comprehensive Planning
David Jarrell, Director of Public Works
Marcia Patrick, Assistant Director of Public Works
Maria Broadbent, Director of Environmental Policy
Patricia Hopkins, Human Resources Manager
David Stokes, Fire Chief
Dan Horwath, Fleet Maintenance Manager
Fred Sussman, Chair of the Financial Advisory Commission
Lee Finney, Member of the Financial Advisory Commission
Keith Novak, CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP – Audit Engagement Partner
Joe Mason, Davenport & Co. – Financial Advisor
Jennifer Diercksen – Davenport & Co. – Financial Advisor