We want to make it easy to invest here, through simple, transparent rules. We want to add Annapolis to the group of cities, nationwide, that are creating and adopting standards for data and regulation. And we want to make sure growth brings better opportunities to all Annapolitans.

InterviewsJennifer Balducci (SoFo), Josh Cohen (Former Mayor), Dick Hillman (Former Mayor), Jonathan Hollander (Chesapeake Properties), Sean O’Neil (Former Pres., Annapolis Business Association), Marc Rodriguez (Alderman, Ward 5), Charlie Saville (Quantum Sails),  John Scherfel (Maryland Avenue & State Circle Merchant Ass’n),  Rita Siprak-Weill (Annapolis Design District), Elly Tierney (Alderman, Ward 1) & Walter Vasquez (Annapolitans for Responsible Development)

Report: If you want to read the Opportunities team report, click here and it will open in a new window.

Team Leader: Brendan Greeley
Team Members:  Bevin Buchheister (ENV),  Rev. Johnny Calhoun, Sean Fahey, Lyn Farrow, Colin Harrington,  Jonathan Hollander, Macarena Pallares,  Elvia Thompson (ENV), Inna Young