Talk To Transition

We are interested in thoughts that you wish to share with the Transition Team.

This is a new initiative for Transition.  In this way, we hope to hear from as many of you as wish to talk to us.  You can send us your stories, experiences, suggestions until Friday , March 2.  You will receive an auto-reply confirming receipt of your e-mail. At the end of the TT process, your information will be anonymously shared as part of the Transition report.  Please remember that all members of Transition are volunteers who are generously giving of their time to make this happen which is why communication from this page is one-way.  We will read it, we will pay attention and we will share it with the City.

We know that many of you will recount times the City failed to provide good service or frustrated your honest efforts to do something productive.  We want to hear those stories and learn from them.

By and large, we are all less likely to highlight the time things went better than expected or a staff member stepped up.  However, we need to praise the departments and people who do the right thing to encourage them to continue on that path so, please, take the time to tell those tales also.

If your comment falls easily under one team, please direct your comment to that team leader.  (Click on the team leader name to open up an e-mail form.) If you have a problem requiring immediate action from the City (a question you need answered, requesting employment, a problem needing attention from Public Works, etc.), you should take that directly to the City, not the Transition Team.  We have Useful Links which may help in determining where to send an “immediate action” item.

Let us hear from you.  It’s your city.

Money, Money, Money: Teresa Sutherland
CityWork: Da’Juan Gay
Play Well with Others: Carletta Allen
Opportunities: Brendan Greeley
Land Use/Mobility: Eileen Fogarty & Ian Pfeiffer
Leisure & Learning: Jessica Pachler
Soul of the City: Julia Gibb & Pam Stevens
None of the Above: Transition Team 2018