As part of their commitment to Transition 2018, this team did a survey asking community members about their experience with and recommendations for the Annapolis Police, Fire, and Ambulance service agencies. No personally identifiable information was collected and the survey closed on Monday, March 19th at noon.   The responses were synthesized into recommendations and compiled into the final Transition report.  To see the survey questions, click here.

Report: To read the CityWork report, click here and it will open in a new window.

Team Leader: Da’Juan Gay
Cecil Cummins, Stacy Gullette, Scott MacMullan, Tom McCarthy, Andrew Pantelis, Joseph Porcelli, Gail Smith, Toni Strong-Pratt,  Jack Turner (ENV), Barbara Webber.
Contributors: Kurt Riegel (ENV)
AdvisorsClaudia Donegan (ENV), Nevin Young
Interviews: Scott Baker, Chief, Annapolis Police Dept.; Kevin Simmons, Office of Emer. Mgmt.; Angel Traynor, Annapolis Substance Abuse Prevention; Newton Gentry IV,  Recovery Awareness Foundation; Janice Hayes Williams, Ombudsman, City of Annapolis; Diane Croghan, Office of County Executive; Dr. Pamela Brown, Director, Children, Youth and Families.