The Teams

Rather than using the names of the Standing Committees as topics as was done in the past, this year we decided to take a new look at the issues and developed new titles and descriptions.   We realize there is considerable overlap amongst the teams and encouraged shared meetings or using a liaison person to meet with both.
Environmental concerns are integral to a myriad of teams and we wished to see them involved in the planning of all topics from the onset.  To this end, volunteers expressing interest in environment were integrated into a team that is the best match for their particular focus.

Money, Money, Money: This team will assess all aspects of the city’s fiscal policies and budget process.  (They will not make recommendations regarding discretionary funding, i.e who should receive money except for as required by law or planning for foreseeable replacement.)
Team Leader: Teresa Sutherland

CityWork: Covers Human Services, Community and Safety.  (Will work closely with Leisure & Learning)
Team Leader: Da’Juan Gay

Play Well with OthersIt’s all about interaction!  How do we work with our neighbors (County, State, USNA, St. John’s, business and neighborhood associations, faith organizations)? How are people treated when they visit city buildings or do business with city staff?
Team Leader: Carletta Allen

OpportunitiesWe want to make it easy to invest here, through simple, transparent rules. We want to add Annapolis to the group of cities, nationwide, that are creating and adopting standards for data and regulation. And we want to make sure growth brings better opportunities to all Annapolitans.  
Team Leader: Brendan Greeley

Land Use/Mobility: The Land Use and Mobility Team has been meeting with a broad spectrum of Annapolitans to identify both existing land use challenges and new opportunities to enhance our community.
In depth discussions have been held with stakeholders from the civic and residential community, environmental and open space interests, Maritime industry, public and private sector transportation experts, the building industry, the business community as well as Council Members and Planning Commissioners.
We have heard a convergence of ideas to forge new partnerships to build a consensus for a healthy and vibrant future for Annapolis.
Team Leaders: Eileen Fogarty & Ian Pfeiffer

Leisure & LearningEncompasses Recreation & Parks, Maritime. This topic will be age inclusive (child, adult & senior)
Team Leader: Jessica Pachler

Soul of the City: Addresses how we want to see creativity and innovation being dealt with in our community.
Team Leaders: Julia Gibb & Pam Stevens

Staff Survey: Development of an informal (i.e. non-scientific), optional survey for city staff asking for their thoughts on their workplace, other Departments and their recommendations on how to make things better
Team Leader: Leah Weiss,
working with Emily Langston

Integrating Environmental members into each team was headed by Jack Turner & Loni Moyer.
Presentation of Transition Team findings is spearheaded by Julien Jacques assisted by Joanne Juskus and Yumi Virginia Vong with an able assist from Julia Gibb.

Note: Clicking on the team name will take you to that team’s page.